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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking overnight, new details on a hoax in haverhill. trigged a huge search and the charges this morning. antoinette: deadly storms the country. the severe weather causing massive damage. randy: changes at airport security. the privacy option passengers are losing, on the eye for this friday morning. >> you are watching wcvb boston' s news leader. good morning mrs. newscenter 5 eyeopener -- this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: also on this pumping gas at this station is a real character. the suit getting him attention and giving customers some
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s ahead this half hour. one hand, do you want to build a snowman? good morning and merry m antoinette emily is off. m randy price. danielle is in for cindy this morning. danielle: we have something rare going on, a full moon, basically happening when wintertime is happening, this only happened in 1977 on christmas day and it won' t happen again until 2034. i want you to pay attention to that. this won' t happen for a long time. you can actually see, although there is a lot of fog around the area, because we have a dense fog advisory in place until 9:00 for the area you see in gray including metrowest to the south shore to the cape and the islands as well. be careful. visibility down to zero mile in keene, about one quarter mile in beverly and also springfield.
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temperatures are holding in the 30' s, so it is chilly outside. you need to grab a code. however, mid 50' s in boston and point south and east. becausof that, honestly, temperatures are going to warm up through the afternoon. in fact, as we get toward 2:00, upper 50' s, low 60' s through the day in boston. we' re going to be your 60 in worcester. if we hit 60 degrees, we will tie the record high temperature. in boston, i don' t think we will necessarily break the high temperature of 65 degrees. it is a dry and warm and mild christmas day for you. a big change coming in the forecast will stop there is going to be chances for much-needed rain and a chance for our first wintry mix come all coming up. randy: breaking overnight, police say there will be charges after a disturbing report of a baby tossed in a river. antoinette: the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is live in haverhill with what we' re now learning
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todd: it all started when two women reported seeing a baby thrown into the merrimack river by a man on the comeau bridge. this morning, the two women are facing charges. 43-year-old holly fowler and her daughter 23-year-old kristine fowler are facing criminal charges. their report triggered a massive response last night, with crews searching from the air and on the water including the state , police dive team. after reviewing surveillance video and interviewing the women, police determined it was all a hoax. haverhill' s fire chief says they had no choice but to respond the way they did. >> these are the times you hope it is a hoax. as a tough situation, a tough time of year. we have a lot of suicides this time of year, so it is very difficult for some people. again, we have to take every call like this is a credible call. todd: so again, there was no baby thrown in the river. the suspects are charged with misleading police and filing a false police report.
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on monday. randy: also breaking overnight, more than 100 people are dead after a gas tanker ignited an inferno in nigeria. that explosion happened as people lined up to refill the gas canisters they use for cooking. many of them rushing to get the fuel to prepare for christmas celebrations. it' s unclear what caused the explosion. antoinette: right now searchers are still looking for survivors after deadly tornadoes sweep through parts of the south. those severe storms hitting just before the christmas holiday. and that' s not the only wild weather people are dealing with this morning. danielle: snow storm' s out west, record warm temperatures here in the northeast. abc' s kenneth moton has it all for us. >> holiday weather for the record books. this christmas morning, the weather threat continues for parts of the south with heavy rain causing flood watches. >> we woke up to civil defense pounding on our door telling us
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>> in georgia and alabama, people escaped floodwaters. from the south to the midwest, severe weather turned deadly this week with more than a dozen people killed when 24 tornadoes terrorized seven states, including mississippi. it is believed one stretched 150 lives. >> if you look at the damage here, it is as bad as any tornado we have had -- and i have been through a lot of them. >> in wisconsin, crews are winds working overtime to restore power after strong winds retirement. in other parts of the midwest, snow and lots of it. a heavy downfall in omaha, nebraska cost of traffic nightmare before christmas. >> it is impossible. it is insane. it' s like i' m never going to get there. >> along the east coast, not a white christmas, but a warm one. record highs from florida to vermont will stop in new york city, 70 degree weather had people in shorts and t-shirts.
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m loving it. everyone should have a hot holiday. i don' m fine right here. >> the residents of the northeast should enjoy warm temperatures because temperatures are expected to drop next week. antoinette: we are enjoying it while we can. danielle, temperatures aren' t just going to drop. danielle: i' m actually tracking the change for winter weather in that' s coming up in just a few minutes. randy: right now police are investigating an incident that put a massachusetts state prison officers scoured the area around mci shirley from the ground and in the air last night. this started when a corrections officer reported hearing a single gunshot in the area of harvard avenue around 3:30 p.m. state police say a man was seen running from the area, but nothing has been found. even family members trying to visit relatives at the prison were turned away. >> it' s frustrating, but it is s
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>> unfortunately, try again this weekend. randy: police say it could have been a hunter who fired that shot. new this morning, new rules will limit how children are restrained in massachusetts schools. they also ban the use of devices or medication to subdue children, which had previously been allowed with parental consent. the change comes amid an investigation at a holyoke school where students were reportedly tackled and staff slapped unruly students. antoinette: also new this friday morning boston police , detectives will be getting significant raises. the globe reports an independent arbitrator has ordered the city to boost their pay by more than 28% over six years. this move will cost the city $23 million. union leaders called it a fair deal. mayor marty walsh says he is disappointed with the decision. right now bolton police are searching for this suspect after a home invasion and armed robbery.
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camper on century mill road on wednesday and robbed the victim at gunpoint. this is a sketch based on a description of one of them. the victim was not seriously police believe this is an isolated crime and say the public is not at risk. randy: right now new rules are in place for everyone who will be flying after the holidays. those scanners have been in use at airports for years because they can potentially detect metallic or nonmetallic objects that other forms of screening can miss. since then, passengers have been able to ask for pat down instead. but growing terror concerns have prompted the tsa to change protocol mandating that some passengers go through those scanners regardless. at logan airport we found mixed , reviews on the change. >> it really doesn' t bother me. whatever it takes to make everybody safe.
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evidence supporting the fact that it might not be the most healthy option that you should be able to request a full body patdown, even if it is minorly invasive. randy: now you can still request a pat down instead of going through the body scanners, but the tsa can say no. now the tsa does let you do the scanner and the pat down options. a sandown, new hampshire woman is facing animal cruelty charges this morning. more than three dozen animals were rescued from sharon melanson' s home on tuesday. she says she and her son who died unexpectedly in october started taking in the animals to care for them. she' s a clues to -- she' s accused of neglecting them. four horses, six alpaca, six goats, one cat, three chickens, three doves, and 14 ducks and geese were rescued. melanson says she' s innocent she knew animal control officers had concerns about her animals, but
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issues. >> cruelty is an unfair and incorrect word. randy: melanson says she plans to fight the charges in court and hopes to clear her name. antoinette: boston-based draftkings has filed a lawsuit against the illinois attorney general. attorney general lisa madigan ruled that daily fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling. fanduel says it will also pursue legal action. both draftkings and fanduel are already at odds with the new york attorney general. those -- the sites won an appeal to continue operating in new york while that case plays out. sutton' s police chief is facing a lawsuit this morning. a veteran officer claims the chief imposed a ticket quota on patrolmen ordering them to write 20 tickets every month. that' s illegal in massachusetts. the allegations are part of a suit filed by officer christopher green, who claims he was unfairly denied the job of police chief in 2006. a lawyer for the town says the lawsuit is just the result of a
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randy: bp has a threat for businesses seeking damages for a massive oil spill. antoinette: the warning they just issued. and expensive boston apartments are getting scooped up by some specific buyers. the group leaving the suburbs, that' s just ahead. randy: warm weather persisting for the holiday. but a white christmas isn' t the only thing snow-lovers are missing. danielle? danielle: another day for potential record warmth. but a big change is on the way. the chance for wintry weather next week, ahead. antoinette? antoinette: and we are following breaking news this morning. police say a report of a baby tossed into the merrimack river in haverhill was a hoax. the women who made that report
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cough relief.
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>> happy holidays, eyeopener! randy: good morning, merry christmas. the holly club of wrentham was actually founded in 1898. antoinette: they raise money for projects throughout the community, including donating a new welcome to wrentham sign just put up in the town center. in case you' re heading on our shopping after christmas. show us how you' re helping your community with an eyeopener wake up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the ulocal section of our website. very festive, very beautiful this morning. danielle: are there even open on christmas? antoinette: maybe tomorrow. danielle: the temperatures are so nice. antoinette: it would be great to go shopping outside.
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as 69 degrees set in boston. we set a record in worcester and providence. the month of december has been so warm. we' re on track to be the warmest december ever on record. we could tie a record in worcester a 60 degrees set back i don' t think he will change the record in boston. i think he will get close to it. but don' t get too used to it. there are changes coming. noticed a better start to drop back into the 40' s over the weekend because of a chance for rain and on monday, real cold starts to work act in of the forecast. the rain is associated with this area of high pressure. kentucky, tennessee, severe weather. all of this is headed in our direction but right now, high-pressure is dominating. the cold front pushing farther to the south. the rain is moving out of here. we have some clouds and low-level clouds this morning.
6:16 am
mile. there is some dense fog in some spots. please, be careful. once we bring that off, 50' s through the afternoon. we should see some sunshine, decent amount of sunshine, so low 60' s in boston, worcester . tonight, we drop back to the 30' s. tomorrow we are much colder, watching for nexus them coming in that will bring us some rain beginning saturday night into sunday. let me show you on the future cast, here come the showers. they look to hold off until late sunday. in the cold for the school trouble come through. threes he and another round of showers probably in the evening. general cold comes into play and weather event. talk about that yet, we want to talk about the
6:17 am
antoinette: i thought we' re going to stay warm all through winter. no? walking around in shorts all day isn' t exactly everyone' s idea of the perfect holiday, but, you know, it is for some of them. frank: shorts on christmas eve. >> it is kind of weird. usually your bundled up. frank: enjoying the relative he went, enjoying parts of the city. >> it' s new england. you make the most of it. it is brilliant. >> the weather was so good, came here to look at boston and around. frank: normally around this time, these girl scouts would be bundled up from head to toe. >> on a nicer day, we definitely get more sales. it was harder to do it in the cold then sunny like this. frank: others say the unseasonably warm weather is actually unwelcome.
6:18 am
>> i am. frank: the kids say it is not right if everything is an covered in white. >> i like the cold. i like to go skiing. there is not really any snow. frank: they are the only ones adding a last-minute winter storm to their christmas list. >> it would be nice if it snows. i' m looking forward to snowball fights and snowboarding. >> if you' re looking for an have to head out west. this is video from reno, nevada. antoinette: plows did have to work through the holiday to keep roads clear there. and there was plenty of it' s nice to look at the video because probably some of that in our future. randy: economic headlines this friday, 2015 has been a boom for real estate in greater boston. and the reason in part may be empty nesters moving into the
6:19 am
analysts say presales of condo buildings are soaring as more and more people move from big suburban homes as children get older into smaller spaces. there are nearly 6000 new units within route 128 and more than 4000 in boston alone. the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage is gaining momentum all across the country. 13 states are scheduled to raise the minimum pay for hourly workers on january 1, including massachusetts. and at least five states and nine cities are set to consider going to $15 an hour as early as next year. in many cases, the increase will be spread out to give businesses time to adjust. randy: a dubious christmas present for thousands of gulf coast businesses. last night, bp sent out a huge batch of fraud notices warning businesses their claims after the gulf coast oil spill are under investigation. the notices warn that businesses can avoid potential prosecution
6:20 am
before the investigation is complete. this time, the grinch tried to steal christmas from the wrong town. antoinette: the consequences in dartmouth in eyepoppers. then new at 6:30, a little boy wished for more friends this christmas, but he' s getting so much more than that. the help that' s changing his life, just ahead. randy: plus, a community coming together to comfort a family devastated by fire. how they' re making the holiday brighter for people who' ve lost so much. antoinette: and janet jackson postponing her tour with a stop here in boston. the medical emergency taking her
6:21 am
danielle: merry christmas. as you look, we' re in the mid 50' s in boston, upper 30' s for southern new hampshire because there is some fault to contend with this morning. please, be careful. once we burn the dense fog all, we should do so about 9:00, we will see more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures climbing in the low-to-mid 60' s and a lot of fog. we could be tying records or breaking records yet again today.
6:22 am
with some rain coming at night into sunday morning. more showers sunday afternoon. it will be breezy and then we turn much colder to start next week. antoinette: we have a little eye-popping video. randy: putting some smile on faces. a new york state gas attendant dressed as olaf from "frozen." he said he is in picking out a costume every year to cheer up customers. past picks include santa, of course. and when it' s not christmas, kendrick likes to treat customers to a song or a dance. antoinette: do you know the "frozen" song? i will sing it to you later. dartmouth police have nabbed a notorious christmas thief. they caught you know who this guy is -- at the who' s residence yesterday.
6:23 am
steal christmas. he has been ordered to stay away from dartmouth and is now serving community service in santa' s village. they certainly have a sense of humor in dartmouth. randy: boston kids, benefiting from a generous christmas tradition. the good deed started by the late mayor menino. antoinette: and a look inside the white house. the designer decorations coming down in just a few days, ahead. a live look from boston comments this morning. the christmas lights are up. santa has made his way through massachusetts.
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find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a huge surge after the
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the woman charged in a frantic wild goose chase. antoinette: a white christmas out west, but there could be winter weather in our future. randy: a holiday wish comes true. >> i told her i wanted friends for christmas. randy: but this little boy is getting so much more. a trip that will change his life forever. on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb , boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: 6:30 christmas morning as we look at downtown boston. sites of the season. very unusual weather. good morning, i' m randy price. antoinette: and i' m antoinette antonio. emily is off today. and danielle is in for cindy. no one got coal in their stocking, right?
6:28 am
randy: neither coal nor cold. antoinette: just checking. danielle: i will say this, it was warm yesterday and will be warm again today. it is crazy how warm it was. we broke so many records in so many locations yesterday up and down the east coast, boston, new record, 69 degrees yesterday. mills, also 69. providence, new record at 69. worcester , 65, a new record. today we could be close, if not breaking some records and sums odds. i think in worcester we will probably tie the record. in boston, we will get close but not necessarily break it today. anyway you look at it, it is when the be a mild afternoon. it is mile this morning in boston and points out that eased. north and west, concord to keene, lower 30' s because you are experiencing some fog this morning.
6:29 am
dense fog advisory until 9:00, so please be careful if you' re driving this morning because there is low level clouds and fog mist and pretty much everywhere. going through the day, temperatures will rebound into the upper 50' s, low 60' s. even if you mid-60' s as high pressure dominates and we see more sunshine. i am watching this area of low pressure to the south. our next big rainmaker, i will time it out and talk about the chance for some wintry precipitation ahead. randy: breaking overnight, two women facing charges after telling police they saw a baby being thrown in the river. antoinette: the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is in haverhill right now with what we' re learning about this case. todd: the most important thing we have learned is that this was a hoax. there was no baby thrown from the bridge into the merrimack river. because of the seriousness of the claim, police had to respond and there was a massive response last night after a woman and heard the old daughter made that
6:30 am
police and fire came out in addition to state police. investigators reviewed surveillance video and interview the woman who made the report that we now know was erroneous. after interviewing the women and looking at the surveillance, that is when the investigators concluded the whole thing was a hoax. 43-year-old holly fowler and her daughter 23-year-old kristine fowler are facing criminal charges. they will be arraigned monday for misleading police and filing a false report. the motive remains a mystery. randy: other stories we' re following right now on the eye, police are investigating an incident that put the massachusetts state prison in shirley on lockdown. a corrections officer reported hearing a single gunshot in the area of harvard avenue around 3:30 p.m., but nothing has been found. antoinette: right now bolton police are searching for this suspect after a home invasion and armed robbery. police say two men broke into a
6:31 am
wednesday and robbed the victim and gunpoint. the victim wasn' t seriously hurt. randy: and opting out of going through those tsa body scanners may not be an option. growing terror concerns have prompted the tsa to change protocol mandating that some passengers go through those scanners regardless. you can still ask for a pat down, but now they can refuse. the season of giving is helping one family and a community heal. acts of kindness after a deadly fire. it has been a heartbreaking week in the town of westport after a little boy died in a fire. antoinette: as our rhondella richardson reports, compassion is making this a very special christmas. >> they asked us not to show the burns on her face, but you can clearly see the joy. >> more stuffed animals. >> this seven year old can
6:32 am
bella' s mother just had surgery. she suffered third-degree burns when she grabbed bella and ran through the flames saturday night to escape fire in the westport home they rented. her brother was killed. the emotional toll is unspeakable. >> very emotional. this time of year it is tough for everybody. >> in the spirit of the season, >> this beautiful angel right
6:33 am
she is got more than she even asked for stop we are eternally grateful. >> i have a lot of toys and clothes now. randy: carrying on a holiday tradition in boston. for decades, mayor tom menino helped hand out gifts to peter' s teen center in dorchester. for those who get the gifts the just one reason the late mayor' s children and grandchildren are determined to carry on in his tradition. mayor menino' s successor, marty walsh came to support the , effort, as did boston' s catholic archbishop cardinal sean o' malley. anonymous donors wrote checks to buy the gifts. antoinette: survivors of the iran hostage crisis getting a benefit many years after the ordeal. randy: how the government is recognizing their struggle. and a little boy hoped for more friends this christmas, but he' s
6:34 am
the people becoming his heroes, next. antoinette: and ahead in news to go, decking the halls at an american landmark. christmas de cor at the white
6:35 am
danielle: welcome back. temperatures starting in the 50' s in boston, 30' s right now in southern new hampshire because we have some dense fog out there. dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 today. you can see why, some visibility down to about one quarter mile. along ports -- parts of the south shore, too. a lot of sunshine, high of 60 in don' t get too used to these mild temperatures because they are on the way down tomorrow with rain coming in saturday night into monday. randy: a big step forward for a boy whose only wish for christmas was more friends. antoinette: but as erik zarnitz of our sister station in s , getting is so much more. >> why do you like soccer so much? >> because i don'
6:36 am
it just randomly came to me this was my sport. this is what i was made for. >> austan loves to do the same things as other fifth-graders, including playing sports with his friends. a new school and a birth defect that left him missing his right forearm made those friends hard to come by. >> i told her i wanted friends are christmas. i have been getting a lot of them recently come and that is pretty cool. >> austan, his mom and sister, are getting ready for the trip they hope will change his life. there headed to wichita to fit him with a prosthetic arm. austin is making plenty of friends. the doctors providing the prosthetic arm and the doctors friend who flew them up to give them a free trip down to wichita. he has even made friends with an american hero, joshua ssust is a marine and a victim of an ied blast. >> i' m going to take him out and we' re going to walk around and
6:37 am
do. just because he is missing an arm doesn' t define them as a person. just because i' m missing a leg doesn' t define me as a person. >> he' s going to have other opportunities. you will be able to do things he doesn' t think he could do, which you can probably do anyway a little differently. but he is not going to feel so different. antoinette: when they landed in wichita, austin was greeted by the doctor and many others who have helped cover the costs of the prosthetic, the hotel, and the flight. randy: changes in airport security. the option being taken away from passengers. plus, parts of italy starting
6:38 am
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randy: good morning, 6:45, time for the christmas edition of your news to go. we are looking at the christmas s christmas tree in boston donated every year by a beautiful site. antoinette: it really is, if you want to go out for a maybe -- for a walk, maybe, it is nice weather. danielle: in the mid 50' s in s. we have changes on the horizon. we could be near record warmth again today. folks. re waking up with locations.
6:41 am
i' m timing our first shot of winter weather -- yes, dare i will be the day for that. right now worcester plus record christmas eve. obviously, we will break that everybody starts to see measurable snowfall. we will talk more about that in first, i want to talk about the rain coming in saturday and sunday because i will impact you earlier this weekend. it is this area of low pressure, you see a storm system giving heavy weather to parts of kentucky, tennessee, back to the southeast. all of this headed in our direction. right now, though, high-pressure is dominating our weather, keeping no showers use the well to the south and also pushing those clouds out of here as we had to the day today. starting out right now, there is some fog. visibility about one quarter mile in springfield, about half a mile in keene. that is why temperatures are in the 30' s.
6:42 am
s in boston, upper 40' s in beverly. low 50' s along parts of the south shore. as we go through the day today, enjoy. i am forecasting time the record worcester in, getting close to it in boston. randy: breaking overnight, reports of a baby thrown in the river sent police and firefighters scrambling. antoinette: the eye' s todd kazakiewich is in haverhill where charges are now being filed. todd: good morning. charges are being filed because the whole thing was a hoax. we have now learned there was no baby thrown from a man from the bridge into the merrimack river. because of the seriousness of that claim, there was a massive response from the police and fire departments. it was a woman and heard the old daughter who made the claim. leslie, police and fire headed take it seriously -- obviously, police and fire had to take his fiercely. they interviewed the women and maybe run his report. investigators concluded it was a hoax.
6:43 am
are facing charges. they will be arraigned on monday for misleading police and filing it is still unclear what the motive for the whole thing was. randy: also breaking overnight, more than 100 people are dead after a gas tanker ignited an inferno in nigeria. the explosion happened as people lined up to refill the gas canisters they use for cooking. fuel in advance of the christmas it' s unclear what caused the explosion. doug: standard operating procedure here for check-in at logan airport on christmas morning, but that could change the next time you fly. for years, it is been rather routine part of flying -- stepping in the scanners and being screen. if you would rather not, a patdown could be requested. the growing terror concerns have prompted tsa to make some changes. now you may not be able to opt
6:44 am
you can still request of the patdown, but the difference now is that the tsa can actually say -- randy: thank you. right now police are investigating an incident that put a state prison on lockdown. officers scoured the area around mci shirley from the ground and the air last night. it all started when a corrections officer reported hearing a single gunshot in the area of harvard avenue around 3:30 p.m. state police say a man was seen running from the area, but when they searched the area, nothing was found. antoinette: right now bolton police are searching for this suspect after a home invasion and armed robbery. police say two men broke into a camper on century mill road on wednesday and robbed the victim and gunpoint. the victim wasn' t seriously hurt. police believe this is an isolated crime and say the public is not at risk. randy: police in north reading are searching for suspects after numerous car break ins. they happened near the town center between tuesday night and
6:45 am
police are asking anyone who lives in the area and has surveillance cameras facing the street to contact them. just a day after getting the all clear to reopen the cleveland circle chipotle suffers another setback. chipotle says a water leak delayed the reopening of the restaurant yesterday. the restaurant was closed earlier this month after more than people became sick with 100 norovirus. health officials cleared the location for opening after it was fully disinfected and tested negative for norovirus. antoinette: a judge has postponed aaron hernandez' s double-murder trial. he' s accused of killing daniel de abreu and safiro furtado in 2012 after an incident in a nightclub in boston' s south end. lawyers will be back in court for a status hearing on january 19. that is the previously scheduled date for this trial. the former patriot is already serving a life sentence for killing odin lloyd in 2013. randy: right now police in north carolina are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting
6:46 am
the shooting followed a fight between two long-feuding groups. a responding off-duty officer shot an 18-year-old man after he pointed his gun in the officer' s direction. panicked shoppers locked themselves in stores or ran for the exits. several weapons were found at the scene. no other injuries were reported. antoinette: more than 3 decades after they were captured americans held hostage in iran , are set to receive millions in compensation. thanks to a spending deal signed last week, each of the 53 hostages and their estates will get up to $4.4 million. children and spouses are eligible for a $600,000 payment. randy: there will be no cars on the roads in rome and milan, italy for several days next week , to help fight air pollution. city leaders say pollution has hit unhealthy levels for several weeks because no rain has fallen to wash away the smog. in rome there are also
6:47 am
home and office thermostats are not supposed to be set higher than 64 degrees and furnaces can only run for eight hours a day. antoinette: you could say these guns are out of this world. they' re forged from a meteorite that was discovered in namibia way back in the 1800' s. pennsylvania-based cabot guns is behind the set which sell at , auction for as much as $1 million. randy: a special gift ahead of christmas for actor robert downey, jr., a pardon. california governor jerry brown granted downey the pardon for a 1996 drug conviction. in total downey has served 15 months in prison for a string of drug related offenses. he finished his parole in 2002. he has dramatically changed his life. the pardon what' s become somewhat of a christmas eve tradition in the golden state removes a black mark from the , actor' s past. downey is one of 91 people
6:48 am
janet jackson broke the news on twitter that she has postponed her unbreakable tour because she needs some surgery. she doesn' t mention what kind of surgery. the tour had started in august, and was supposed to resume next month. jackson said every date would be rescheduled and told fans to hold on to their tickets. antoinette: thousands of s basilica for the pope' s traditional christmas eve mass. pope francis' homily focused on the theme of love and mercy, calling on the faithful to reject extravagance and wealth. the pope encouraging people to live simply with compassion. randy: all season long, thousands have been visiting the white house for tours of the first lady' s christmas decorations. antoinette: this morning, our nikole killion takes us along and introduces us to some of the volunteers who decked the halls. >> welcome to the white house. >> at the white house, a timeless tradition.
6:49 am
volunteers for crating this winter wonderland of american tradition. >> and it is no easy feat. these photos from the first lady capture the before and after as nearly 100 volunteers from all across the country trim every tree and deck every hall. >> we go home dead tired at every -- at the end of the day and come back with energy the next morning. >> assigned to the china reward the decorations were designed by fashion icon kerley and a herrera. >> glittery trees. it looks very pretty. >> there are 62 trees and more than 70,000 ornaments like these in the library. >> all of the ornaments are handcrafted. they feature marbleized paper from hand bound books. >> there' s a garden full of snowmen come a traditional gingerbread replica of the white house and dark chocolate, and in keeping with the first lady ladies joining forces initiative -- >> this is a gift for military family, which is to write a note. we have the paper and stationery to do it. >> a decorators dream come true.
6:50 am
lifetime. the people' s house merry and bright. in case you' re selected after submitting an application online to the white house earlier this year. randy: they were announced this fall and came to washington to decorate during the week after thanksgiving. quite the project it is. quite the outcome. antoinette: i want to know if any volunteers randy: one to help take down the decorations. randy:at your house? antoinette: yes. danielle: it doesn' t feel like the holidays because we' ve been so warm. record high temperatures yesterday. today, we to be close, if not above them, too. forecast tie-in worcester is 60. the thing to talk about this morning is dense fog.
6:51 am
once we burn it off, temperatures will warm into the upper 50' s and low 60' s for highs. it will be a dry day. enjoy your christmas day. tomorrow it turns cooler, upper 40' s. there will be some rain overnight into first thing sunday. we turn breezy on sunday and then we have another round of showers coming through the afternoon. high pressure dominates today, keeping us dry. we watch this area of low pressure and warm front. dry to start out on saturday but mark felt' s filter in. through the overnight hours, heavy rain could possibly work its way in and continues into sunday morning. sunday afternoon when the cold front comes through, we could see another round of showers happen. on monday, we turn breezy and substantially cooler ahead of our next system, which has a lot of moisture with it. we will watch this very carefully. it comes in overnight monday in the first thing tuesday. a continues through tuesday afternoon as it redeveloped solve the coastline. out of here by tuesday afternoon.
6:52 am
place, it could have some snow or sleet to start, turning to freezing rain and then maybe wrapping up as rain. it is probably going to be our first wintry precipitation of the year, also settling into a more unsettled colder pattern. antoinette: well, it is december.
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